Clumsy Ninja Cheats, Tips and Tricks

clumsy ninja

This should be the most epic article here on our blog, Clumsy Ninja Cheats. We’ll keep it updated as we learn new things and new tricks on how to progress in Clumsy Ninja, without needing to do illegal stuff like hacking. We have Clumsy Ninja cheats and tips below – and links to our more in depth articles – that will certainly help you get the most out of this beautiful game.

We’ll start with some generic Clumsy Ninja tips and tricks that are mostly aimed at beginner players. We’ll have a walkthrough posted soon, so stay tuned!

1. Your main focus: keep training your ninja
Almost everything you can do in the game will give you some extra XP points, and that’s exactly what you need in the game: eventually, your clumsy ninja will become a master ninja and that can only be achieved via training and, of course, with your help. So keep training the ninja as often as possible. A good trick here in order to maximize XP gains is to always start with whatever gives you the most experience at your current level and then work down. Usually the high XP points items have higher repair times, and it’s best to start with those.

2. Your second focus: keep the coins coming
You can’t do much in Clumsy Ninja if you are a broke ninja, so you need to keep the coins coming. It’s pretty difficult to make coins fast in Clumsy Ninja as there are no real exploits here. Simply train and train until you completely master an item in order to squeeze all the possible coins out of it. As soon as you unlock a new animal make it your goal to purchase it since it will give you extra coins daily.

3. Focus on completing the goals
You will generally progress through the game by following the quest line: make sure to complete those in order to take your ninja to the next level. Be advised though that the developers were pretty smart here and usually your goals will require items that you won’t have access to for coins until you level up. Don’t hurry to get them and level up instead – it’s the natural way to unlock items. And never spend diamonds on hurrying goals!

4. Do all the zany things in the game just for fun
Clumsy Ninja is more than a game. It’s a true simulation and there are a lot of things that you can do to make you laugh or smile. Punch the ninja, drag him around on the ground, push him and drop him – there are a ton of interactions that you should discover and try out for your own fun. Take photos and share them with your friends to maximize the laughs.

For now these are our generic Clumsy Ninja cheats, tips and tricks, but we will go more in depth with each category and offer even more advice, so make sure to check back with Clumsy Ninja Cheats or at least visit this article regularly for updated guides!


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