Clumsy Ninja Free Falling Mission: How to Complete

Free Falling is a level 30 Clumsy Ninja mission that requires you to place the ninja up high on the boxes and make him land onto something. This can be very frustrating, but actually is pretty easy to do. Here is how to quickly complete the Free Falling mission in Clumsy Ninja:

1. Place the Large Ninja Tower somewhere in the yard.
2. Carefully place the Metal Rocker crates on top of each other, on the Ninja Tower.
3. Even more carefully, place the ninja on top of the crates. Take your time and hold the ninja until he no longer moves left or right, then slowly drag him down on the top of the crates. Finally, tap the ground and the ninja will jump and you will have completed the Free Fall mission!

Do you have trouble with any other Clumsy Ninja missions? Let us know and we’ll post the solution for you!


  1. Thanks! This level was doing my head in. He was more like Clingy Ninja when trying to put him on the tower.

  2. Using the freeze portion before placing the ninja on the crates will save a lot more time…..

  3. i JUST finally got it. And I t took me a few days before I could get it right.

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