Hot! Clumsy Ninja Level 22 Mission: Full Bounce Off Trampoline (How To)

The Full Bounce mission in Clumsy Ninja is one that gives many gamers real headaches. It’s that mission where you are required to throw the ninja onto the trampoline sideways so that he bounces off AND lands on his feet. Fortunately, it’s not an impossible mission and I here to tell you how to complete it in case you need help.

So here is what to do:

1. Place the trampoline anywhere in the yard.
2. Pick up the ninja and, from left side of the trampoline, throw him on the trampoline so that after he bounces on it, he will land to the right side of the trampoline, on the ground.

It’s really easy once you get it and one way to do it is to drop him hard on the trampoline from high above so that he bounces off immediately. If the ninja is unable to land on his feet, don’t throw that hard and eventually he will make it.

Here is a video where you might see how to complete the Full Bounce mission in the game (minute 2:10):

Did you manage to do it or you’re still having problems with this mission?


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  2. I did that many times. But why the task hasn’t complete yet?

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